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this blog is 100% about "The WANTED" Nathan, Jay ,Siva, Tom and Max.
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endless list of flawless people 
                  ∟MAX GEORGE

"Fame doesn’t change anything."

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"this is not the end"


You can’t even imagine how much we love you.And if this was the end we want you to know you’ve been a huge part of our lifes.THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WANTED.


max’s tweets about the break.


max’s tweets about the break.


Watch Glad You Came so it can get to 100 million views and it can become The Wanted’s first VEVO Certified video!


TWFanmily: let this song stay in your memories and remember, THE WANTED WILL COME BACK! We have to stay strong for them, and support them through everything, the thick and thin, dark and light, EVERYTHING!


This was the first chapter and it was amazing! We’ll waiting for the next one!     - With Love TWfanmily!

going to the wanted’s concert


on the day of the concert:

going to the concert:

an hour before the concert:

when they get on stage:


if i get backstage:


after the concert:

a day after the concert:

Until we meet again

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